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Loving End Of Life 

Care For Your Pet


Dr. Suzanne is dedicated to helping your family and pet with a gentle end-of-life transition through euthanasia. We provide comprehensive services for every step of this difficult period in the comfort of your home. During your pet’s final moments, we provide caring and compassionate support. Dr. Suzanne and her technician will come to your home, giving your furry family member the peace to pass in the familiar and loving environment of your home...more

Contact Us

To discuss or arrange an appointment for your pet's at home euthanasia, Dr. Suzanne can be reached by phone or text at

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Suzanne with any questions.  

When is the right time? 

​Our pets may not be able to talk to us and tell us how they are doing, but if we pay close attention, there are many clues that can help us answer that question....more


During the process of euthanasia, Dr Suzanne will administer an anesthetic that will suppress the function of the animal's heart and brain, allowing your pet to fall asleep and loose all pain sensation. During this time, the animal's heart will stop, allowing your pet to pass peacefully without any pain...more 


​When your pet passes away, your pet's remains will be cared for with the compassion and dignity that they deserve.  Dr. Suzanne will transport your pet so that they may be cremated. You'll have the choice of a number of cremation services and will be able to retrieve your pet's remains shortly after their passing...more

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