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What is Euthanasia?

True meaning of the word "euthanasia," coming "from the Greek word euthanatos, which means "good death."

When is the right time? 

Deciding when to end a pet's life involves the owner and their veterinarian weighing a number of factors: the animal's current quality of life, what type of disease he or she may be suffering from and how it is likely to progress. Another consideration is what your family is able to endure; if your family wants every possible second with their pet and are able undergo expensive or uncertain treatments, or if you want to forestall their pet's suffering.  I also tell people to trust their instincts. Pet parents know their pets better than anyone. more

Did I make a mistake? 

It's normal for your pet to have good and bad days toward the end. Owners shouldn't feel as if they have done something wrong if the euthanasia takes place on a day their pet is feeling well.

I feel that I am keeping my pet alive because I can't say goodbye not because my pet has a good quality of life:

Don't feel ashamed or guilty if you are in this position. It is probably the most common reason why pets that should be euthanized are not. Pets are important members of the family, in many cases taking up a big portion of our own lives (a cat that lives to 25 has been with its owner a third of that owner's life or more). We come to rely on their sure presence as much as on the presence of any human member of the family. We need them. It is hard to say goodbye. At the same time, an owner's inability to let go should not be a reason why a suffering pet is made to go on living. Once you have come to the realisation that you are keeping your pet alive because you can't live without it, it is time to let go. Putting down a pet is hard, but it is also an act of extreme self-sacrifice and mercy. You wouldn't want a loved family member to suffer. 

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