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With each visit, there are a combination of fees based on travel time, size of the animal and the type of cremation.  Dr. Suzanne is available to answer any questions about these fees, but the information below will give you an idea of what the visit will cost.  

While discussing payment is difficult when loosing pet, fees for services must be provided when scheduling the appointment or at the time of the appointment.  Dr. Suzanne accepts cash or Zelle.  Checks or credit cards are no longer accepted. 

House Call 

The House Call fee is based on the travel time for the doctor.

  • up to 30 minute travel time: $100-$150

  • 30-60 minutes of travel time: $150-$300

  • 60+ minutes of travel time: tbd


Cats and other small animals (ferrets, guinea pigs, etc) have a flat fee of $140

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Cremation is optional.  If you choose to have your animal cremated, Dr. Suzanne will transport the remains to the crematorium.  If you choose to have a private cremation, you will be contacted by the crematorium when the remains are ready to bring home. 

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